The Food Superman Baby Story Machine is most suitable for 0~6 years old baby. It has cute shape, soft lighting and pure sound quality. It accompanies the baby to spend a warm time before bed.
Contains a total of 54 wonderful songs, familiar happy children’s songs and fairy tales, so that babies can sing and dance with them, cultivate good EQ, stimulate language expression skills, enhance the development of brain potential, and lay the foundation for the baby’s enlightenment education.

Contents: 1 Food Superman Baby Story Machine, 1 lanyard, 1 instruction manual

Product features
1. Soft lighting: Attract the baby’s attention, increase interest, and can also be used as a night light to accompany the baby to sleep.
2. Easy to operate: clear classification, two classification buttons for fairy tales and nursery rhymes are on-demand.
3. Clear sound quality: 100% original Taiwanese sound recording, giving babies the most standard pronunciation, and stimulating auditory development.
4. Material safety: The material of this product has passed the ETC and ST safety toy inspection certificates, allowing babies to use it at ease.
5. Gift lanyard: It is convenient to carry when going out, and you are not afraid of losing it, so you can give your baby the happiest singing time anytime.
6. Attached instruction manual: clearly lists 54 song titles, so that parents can choose the songs they want to listen to.

Publisher: Windmill Books Publishing Co.
Author: Windmill editors
Proper reading ages: 0-6 years
Barcode: 4714426206781
Size: (box) 17.5 * 13 * 9cm / (story machine) 10.5 * 7 * 8cm
Publication time: November 2018


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