BABY STORY – LEARN COMMON SENSE (10 BOOKS + 1 CD) BABY小故事 – 學常識 (10本彩色書+1CD)


Specifications: Boxed / 100 pages each / 22.5X21CM

Every child is a natural learner from an early age, as long as you give him the opportunity and education, this series of Baby Story is a book edited for young children. The content contains a variety of knowledge, common sense, habits, virtue learning, each small set There are 10 short stories in the book, which are short and easy for young children to absorb and learn. When parents tell stories, they also achieve the best time for parent-child interaction

The bibliography is as follows 書目如下:

1. Good Friends 好朋友
2. Cold and Hot 冷和熱
3. One Plus One 加一加
4. Light and Dark 亮和暗
5. Red Sun 紅太陽
6. One Minus One .減一減
7. Numbers 數字
8. Box and Smelly 箱和臭
9. Small Crayons 小蠟筆
10. Little Mouse Eats 小老鼠吃東西

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