PULP Magazine marks a Japanese takeover of sorts with its latest, Issue No. 205 (March – April 2020), with the biggest acts to come out of Japan on PULP’s back-to-back covers.The jam-packed PULP Magazine Issue No. 205 features all of these stories and exclusive content and more, with special freebies to boot! Get your very own cut-out BABYMETAL mask, nine full-page posters of al Slipknot members, and a free sticker pack! This issue is available at major bookstores and may also be ordered online at www.pulp.ph with free shipping. LIVE LOUD!

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The music video for “Skin” was released June 25th at 12 PM PHT.


Special stories and interviews we’ve unearthed from our archive, now available exclusively on PULP.ph

September 1st. Memes abound and, more importantly, Christmas is in the air. Here’s an interview from the #PULPVault (Issue No.…

Today marks one year since the release of The Contortionist’s EP, ‘Our Bones’. Here’s an interview with bassist Jordan Eberhardt…